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(Project to Operations)

As a member of the Bridgit Group, the founders and supporting staff of Fundisani have more than 300 years of collective experience in project risk management and are experts in all phases of the project life cycle. Through our research and experience, it is evident that project failure is directly attributed to the lack of comprehensive front end loading and insufficient project risk management. The Navigator toolset has been designed to assess project readiness throughout each phase of the project lifecycle. All phases of the project are treated as a unique distinct project with proper phase, stage and hold point approvals.
Navigator (Risk Management) tool Summary
Using a simple robot indicating system with the correct measurements and deliverables, gaps within the project phases are highlighted and a project diagnosis is performed to ensure that the project is in a state of low risk and crystal clear scope before commencing with the successor phase.
Navigator is a project management tool built within the Framework of the PMI® Standard for Portfolio Management 3rd Edition, The PMI® Program Management 3rd Edition, PMI® Construction PMBOK® 3rd Edition, PMI® Standard for Risk Management, PMI®PMBOK® 5th Edition, Prince2, GPM® (Green Project Management), York, SAMRAC and the APMG Standards. The Navigator is made up of 2567 distinct project parameters and deliverables, covering every discipline in all types of projects. This spanning from a major capital to SIB project, from mining to a systems implementation project, to human resources, to an operational improvement project, Navigator is not project type or industry sensitive.
It has been designed to be utilized within all projects and industries. The project lifecycle and the prime development of an operational readiness strategy and NPV measurement must be commenced in the pre-project initiation phase and progressively elaborated on in every other phase.
Each phase is treated as a unique interrelated project within the framework of a program. Within the unification of international standards, Navigator has been complimented with expertise specializing in the portfolio, program and project management as well as input from subject matter experts specializing within the multitude of disciplines covered by the Navigator. The Proj2Ops team acknowledges that no one person can be an expert in every domain, for this reason, we have joined forces with hand-picked specialists who have managed projects from pre project initiation to business benefit realization.
Navigator Unique Selling Points:
Application of the 5 golden project rules:
  1. Right People
  2. Right People
  3. Right People
  4. Right Structure
  5. Right Systems
  • Influenced by GPM Green Project Management.
  • Real time web based business intelligence reporting through using customizable and easy to understand dashboards as project management tools.
  • Executive portfolio and project plan reporting with drill down capabilities.
  • Advanced earned value analysis. Ensuring that competent specialists in all disciplines are appointed to the project risk management and are utilised only when required, thus ensuring quality deliverables and cost effectiveness.
  • Application of facilitation techniques throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Effective, integrated project controls.
  • Ensuring that cost of conformance and cost of non-conformance is understood.
  • An effective and realistic project structure allowing for the streamlining of the competencies required, thus eliminating duplication of efforts.
  • A fully integrated PIMS (Project Management Information System) is available, thus allowing for the quick start of the project. The PIMS can be integrated to current client systems or run as a standalone for the project, both client local or web based.
  • An integrated project plan management methodology.
  • Balancing of the project constraints.
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