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Simple Synergy

In order to aid in the project management process, offers facilitated workshops in each of the Ten PMI® PMBOK® knowledge management areas (integrating, stakeholder, scoping, timing, costing, quality, human resources, communication, risk and procurement), IPMA GPM Green Project Management, through its facilitation entity, Filmic. The workshops are conducted by PMP® certified Facilitators and meticulously span each of the five PMI® PMBOK® project phases, from initiating through to the closing of the project management process.
The facilitation process is based on three Core Values:
  1. Valid information
  2. Free and informed choice
  3.  Internal commitment to the choice


Over years of experience, we have learnt that throughout the entire project life cycle, effective team collaboration and project facilitation managed by neutral and impartial facilitators, is crucial to any project’s success. For this reason, we developed the notion of ZOUD, Zone of Uncomfortable Debate. This is in recognition of the fact that core project teams are adept at voicing their commitment to agreed strategies during a workshop, but will leave with no intention of carrying them out. Within the Zone of Uncomfortable Debate, difficult issues are usually entered by accident, and the desired response is to bring all the difficult issues to the surface, and keep them there until they are resolved, and to go back to a Comfortable Zone as soon as possible.

The Bridgit Africa Group will conduct a once-off facilitation workshop, usually to bring a project back on track or to improve team relationships during the Project Management process. It is preferable to engage throughout the entire project cycle, thus the aim of the workshop is continuous improvement and Project Management facilitation.

Fundisani offers the following Facilitated Workshops:

  • Strategy

  • Portfolio & Program Optimization

  • Program & Project Prioritization

  • Project Start Ups

  • Program & Project Scoping

  • Major Scope Changes

  • Project Execution Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Risk Assessments


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