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Training Courses

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Within Fundisani’s repertoire are programs made with the sole intention of training various levels of people within an organization for their involvement in initiating, planning and implementing projects. The project management courses, which are accredited by both the PMI® and IPMA®, details both the art and science of project management.


Additionally Fundisani facilitates interactive competency development using advanced simulation techniques in order to successfully embed the project management course within the delegate’s minds.


This is available for the following:

  • Global Registered Education Provider (REP) for PMI®

  • PMSA - Project Management South Africa (Platinum Provider)

  • GPM Certified

  • CESA Accredited

  • DC Accredited

  • PMA Accredited


Fundisani‘s competency development and project management courses are project management institute accredited. They are designed and developed by skilled project practitioners who incorporate the following into the interactive courses; experiential learning, case based learning, collaborative learning, role playing and project management simulation.


Experiential Learning

Experiential learning (also referred to as learning through action, learning by doing, learning through experience or learning through discovery and exploration) is a philosophy and methodology in which educators directly engage with students in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values.

Case Based Learning

Using a case-based approach, the project management courses engage delegates in discussion of specific scenarios that resemble real world examples. With intense interaction between participants, they build their knowledge and work together as a team to examine the case. The trainer’s role is that of a facilitator, whilst the delegates collaboratively analyse, address problems and resolve questions which have a multitude of possible answers, thereby successfully gaining the PMI® certification.

Role Playing

Role playing takes place between two or more people, who act out roles to explore a particular scenario. It’s most useful to help the team prepare for unfamiliar or difficult situations. By preparing for a situation using roleplay, the delegates build up experience and self-confidence with handling the situation in real life, and can develop quick and instinctively correct reactions to situations. This means that they will react effectively as situations evolve, rather than making mistakes or becoming overwhelmed by events. Role play can spark brainstorming sessions within the project management course, in order to improve communication between team members, and to see problems or situations from different perspectives.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is the concept in which a group of people learn something together. Unlike individual learning, people engaged in collaborative learning capitalize on one another’s resources and skills by asking one another for information, evaluating one another’s ideas or monitoring one another’s work. More specifically, collaborative learning is based on the model that knowledge can be created within a population where members actively interact by sharing experiences and take on asymmetrical roles. Collaborative learning refers to methodologies and environments in which learners engage in a common task where each individual is dependent on and accountable to one another. These include both face-to-face conversations and computer discussions in the form of online forums or chat rooms.

Project Management Simulation

Project Management Simulation is an interactive learning activity, practiced as a group exercise. The purpose of the simulation is to impart the competencies such as knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which will ultimately improve their performance. It confronts delegates with the situations and problems that arise in real world projects and they see the consequences of the decisions they make. They can track the evolution of project parameters such as scope, costs, schedule, and quality, as well as human factors. The simulation provides an opportunity for delegates to solve typical project problems, to make mistakes and analyze them.

The goal of project management simulation is to teach the delegates how to apply best practice tools and techniques to:

  • Determine the goal and objectives of a project

  • Estimate costs

  • Plan tasks of the project

  • Determine resource requirements

  • Use project management tools

  • Control the progress of a project

  • Make management decisions under stress

  • React appropriately in typical project management situations

  • Manage conflict within the project


  • Project Management is our core business.

  • Our trainers are highly skilled project management practitioners.

  • Our courses are customizable.

  • We provide post training coaching and mentoring.

  • We follow international standards & best practices as set by the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

  • We are a PMI®’s Global Registered Education Provider (REP), thus appropriately equipped to provide the PMI® certification.

  • We provide a SharePoint Portal to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst the delegates.

  • Project management course content is updated on a monthly basis to ensure that the content is current.

  • We provide the delegates with tools to assist with everyday management of projects, such as Project Reporting Dashboards and a Template Library.

  • We are the first project management company in South Africa to deliver the highly acclaimed GPM® (Green Project Management) certification under the banner of IPMA®.

Please see below a list of Courses offered by Fundisani CDC (Pty) Ltd. Click on the relevant course for more information.


PMI® PMP® Exam Preparation Course 

(Project Management Professional)


PMI® PgMP® Course 

(Program Management Professional)


CAPM® Course

(Certified Associate in Project Management)


PMI®-ACP® Course

(PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner)


PMI®-RMP® Course

(PMI® Risk Management Professional)


PMI®-SP® Course

(PMI® Scheduling Professional)


IAF Effective Facilitation Skills Course


Design Thinking Course


Project Management Office Design and Build Course


Document Control in a Project Environment Course

PMBOK®, CAPM® and PMP® are service marks and trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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